Furnace or Boiler Turned Off?

Discover What to Do Next

As a homeowner, the safety of your home is a priority. Annual heating equipment maintenance on your furnace or boiler should be conducted to ensure that safety. However, what happens when a contractor determines your equipment is unsafe and turns it off? If this happens you have options for keeping your family safe and ensuring the comfort of your home.

What to Do If Your Furnace or Boiler Is Turned Off

During your heating equipment inspection, your contractor might determine that your boiler or furnace is unsafe, and turn off the power and gas to the equipment as required by code. In the event of this action, there are some steps you should take next.

  1. Ask the technician in your home to show you and explain the problem that has occurred with your heating equipment. If it is a supposed crack, build-up or leak, you have the right to be shown.
  2. If you have difficulty with the technician in your home, reach out to the manager of the company. The company should ensure you are comfortable with everything taking place in your home.
  3. You can request the services from a different technician with different testing equipment from the same company to ensure the validity of the technician’s findings.
  4. If you are unhappy with the company’s handling of your inspection, you have the option to get a second opinion from another contractor. However, the current technician is not able to turn your equipment back on prior to leaving your home.
  5. In the meantime, keep your home warm and comfortable with electrical space heaters. These heaters are efficient, safe and a great temporary solution.

How to Pay for Fixing or Replacing Your Furnace or Boiler

Is the price of fixing or replacing your heating equipment a concern? There are options available for you. In Minnesota, there is low-income assistance available for those who qualify. Also, many contractors have financing available for most of their services. Reach out to your heating contractor and speak with them about the payment options that might be available to you.

Educate Yourself and Others on Heating Safety Guidelines

It is important to educate yourself and your family on proper heating safety guidelines to protect your home. The References page holds information about regulations and procedures set forth by the State of Minnesota and other important associations. Visit it today to learn more!